Rebellion Publication

“Rebellion: Dead or Alive” is a script that uses existing characters and scenes from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” combined with a rewritten dialogue sourced from song lyrics. Each character is represented through a different musical artist and one of their albums dating from 1973 to 2018.

The true format of a script is apparent in the design of “Rebellion” but is occasionally ignored. Images of the film’s scenes take the place of the written descriptions of setting. Two sequences unfold simultaneously throughout the script; images of the scenes collect on the left page of the spread while the dialogue runs on the right page. Scripts are never double sided as the actors quickly read the page and flip to the next, so the dialogue is only printed on the right page.

The script is inter screw bound with a sturdier cover, reflecting the classic format of a script with more reinforcement. The five characters and the albums used to create their dialogue are highlighted in the end credits, along with all of the scenes each character appears in.

It’s up to you. Is rebellion dead or alive?